Is everywhere like Salford?

Welcome back, hope you had a lovely half term!

Well our last term together Year 2 so lets make it extra enjoyable!

This term we will be exploring our local area Salford, what lives in the school ground? why do we not have sheep and cows down the road? Where are your favorite places to visit in Salford? Check out this link to find some places in Salford:

Why is Salford a city? we will be exploring cities, towns, villages and the countrysides, also looking at different countries abroad!

Where have you been on your holidays Year 2? How did you get there?

Lastly, we have a trip to Formby Beach planned again for Year 1 & 2 later in the term! Do you remember last years visit? If you can’t check out this link:   I am very excited about this trip!

A view across the Marram and Sea-lyme sand dunes at Formby Point © Joe Cornish

Look forward to your comments! Miss F

Where does my sandwich come from?

Welcome back!

This term we will be looking at plants and what they need to survive, can you think of anything a plant may need? Children will be looking at what plants we eat and growing their own fruits and vegetables- yummy! Can you think of any plants you may use on your sandwich?


Children will be looking at animals on a farm, where certain foods come from and how they get onto our supermarket shelves! Do you know where bacon comes from? We will also be exploring food which is grown in other countries, can you think of any?

Check out this link to find out more:

Look forward to your comments!





Where would we find Nemo?

This terms topic is one of my favourites!

In a few weeks Year 2 will be going to The Blue Planet Aquarium! What types of creatures do you think we will see? Why not take a look at there website

We will be exploring what creatures live under the sea and the different habitats which they live in. We will be looking at mythical creatures such as The Little Mermaid! Are they real?

We will also be investigating floating and sinking! What materials can you think of that float? What would make a good boat?

Tell me what you think? Please leave a comment!

Would I have liked living at Lark Hill Place?

Already this term Year 2 have visited Lark Hill Place. We dressed up as the Victorians and even got to do some washing but we didnt use a washing machine! Can you tell me how we washed the socks and what we used? We also explored the Victorian street! What do you think we saw? any sports cars?

We will be looking at the Victorian times and what it was like at school for children and the conditions they lived in. Children will also be exploring electrical circuits! Did the victorians use electricity?

Who am I?

Hello and welcome Year 2! Hope you are looking forward to a new class and topics!

This term we will be looking at the topic ‘Who am I?’. We will be looking at how we are special and looking at our local area and where you live. Can you tell me where you live? We will be learning how to stay fit and healthy, looking at exercise and healthy foods. We will even be making our very own fruit smoothies! Can you think of any healthy foods? We will be learning about what people help us such as firemen, police and many more. Can you think of any?


I hope you enjoy this topic and look forward to reading what you have enjoyed!